Wednesday, February 12, 2014


Sorry for not posting for so long :( but I had sooo much to do this semester, because I'll be studying in Korea for 2 semesters so I had to do lots of preparations...Now the semester is finally over and I can relax for a few days before leaving for Korea >_> 

OMG only a few days left until I'll go to Korea!!! Still can't believe it! Now that I have to leave soon I don't feel ready at all xD 

Today the weather was quite nice so I went out with my sister to try out my new camera lens :)

so in love with my new Air max Thea! So comfy and I can combine it with almost everything!

got new earrings yay!

got this from

time for a selfie with my new necklace :D

Can't wait to blog about my life in Korea! :) 


  1. Wie schön von dir zu hören! (: Ist ja toll, dass du nach Korea fliegst, das wird bestimmt super aufregend! Ich wünsch dir ganz viel Spaß und hoffe, dass du fleißig berichtest.

  2. du bist soo hübsch, Kim! :)
    und find deine Jacke & die Airmax thea megaaa ♥

    wünsche dir ganz viel Spaß in Korea! hoffentlich berichtest du was :)

  3. wir habens immer noch nicht hinbekommen, mal wieder fotos zu machen und jetzt bist du bald weg :( aber korea im sommer läuft ♥
    wir sehen uns morgen abend :*