Friday, November 18, 2011

Bio-Oil <- I don't like it

I've heard so many things about this product before - that's why I hoped that it would fade away my acne scars.

You can read more (Introduction, ingredients, formulation, etc. ) about Bio-Oil on their website

I wasn't happy when I saw that the main ingredient was Mineral Oil/Paraffinum Liquidum. But so many people on the internet said that they didn't break out. That's why I still tested it on some parts of my face.

I have to say that I didn't like the feeling of this product on my face. It feels really oily (I have dry skin!) eventhough it's said to be light and non-greasy...I could only use it at night.

I've only used this product for about 3 days (on my left cheek) because it broke me out like crazy! 
---> I'm really disappointed. I've heard so much about this product -.-' 
DO NOT use it on your face if you break out easily. 
I know there are people who can use products with Mineral Oil without any problems but I won't use Bio-Oil on my face anymore. 
It was kinda expensive so I'm going to use the rest of it on my body...I will blog about it if it works for my stretch marks.


  1. Gosh, thank you so much for the info about this. and it a good thing that you only placed in on one part only.

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  2. Thanks for sharing! I recently posted about this product too. Hopefully it works for me.

    ***** Marie *****

  3. Aww, I heard so many great things about Bio Oil too. I'm glad that I saw your review though - my skin doesn't cooperate well with mineral oil products, so this will probably break me out too. Thanks for the review though!

    P.S. Thanks so much for following my blog! :)

  4. Woah. That sucks. I haven't tried using this one though my friend was telling me to use this one for my stretch marks. Thanks for sharing this! I hope to see your review if it works on stretch marks!

    Love your blog. I'm following you now! :)

  5. I've heard so many good things about bio oil, but never tried to myself. I'm finding myself a little skeptical after hearing your experiences. :(

  6. aw that stink that it didn't work out for you! I love this stuff!

  7. Darn. I wouldn't use it either since it has mineral oil.