Wednesday, August 31, 2011

beautiful day.

Vor ca. 2 Wochen war das Wetter soooo gut! Es war heiß und schwül (<- nicht so schön xD) , da haben Anh und ich die Chance ergriffen ein paar Fotos zu machen :)
Leider sind wir etwas zu spät los, weshalb wir nicht mehr sehr viel Zeit hatten bevor es zu dunkel wurde x'(. Beim nächsten mal werden wir vieeeel früher rausgehen! xD Allerdings schätze ich, dass das nächste mal erst nächstes Jahr sein wird -.-' es wird schon jetzt zunehmend kühler :'(

 my fav. picture❤this picture of Anh turned out soo great!!!! I have to say I'm a good photographer hohoho

 aww it was such a nice day *_* miss the good weather already :'(

 love the shirt that Anh wore that day! kawaii! x3

Anh. So pretty! *_*

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

back from Italy

I'm sooo happy that the weather is finally nice here!!! it's almost too hot now xD but still better than always cold and rainy :) after I came back from Italy my family and I went to visit some relatives in Glückstadt (it's in the north of Germany) and it was very cold there! :(

Here are some pics of Italy! :) (I couldn't take many photos,because I was always tired because of the heat xD)

 me and mummy (San Marino)

 (San Marino)

hehe it was very cute but also expensive! 

 they even had some cosplay weapons there (San Marino)!!! ÔoÔ

at the beach (Torre Pedrera,Italy)

forgot the name of this city xDD

I didn't buy much in Italy :'( only a bag and a bracelet. And my mum bought me a watch :)

Thursday, August 4, 2011

finally a sunny day!

the weather was really good on tuesday so we decided to go the lake (Bucherstausee) with our friend Duc from Berlin :D

 me and Ngoc Anh

 Ngoc and me

 Duc and me

waiting for the girls