Monday, July 18, 2011

weekend and my new car ♥

I've been waiting soo long for this day to come and I'm sooo happy to have my own SMALL car now! Our other car is sooo big -.-' I think my dad and my male friends don't like this car haha but I don't care at all hoho. I think it's cute!!! ♥
What do you think??? :)

On Friday I met with Anh and Trami because Anh wanted to dye her hair brown x)it was a nice day :)))

tadaa!!! my car! ♥

 me and Trami ♥

Anh ♥ and me and my car :D


  1. awww~ What a cute small car! I also want a car that size, it would be much easier to park *harrharr*

  2. ich hab bei den ersten zwei bildern ein filter drüber XD ich find das sieht dann immer so... dramatischer aus hahaha also mit photoscape halt. man, ich muss mir mal wieder photoshop holen.
    dein auto ♥ das ist so geil man! hinten siehts echt aus wie ein sofa haha DRIFT KING!

  3. oh what a sweeeet ride!! congrats!!

  4. wohoo congrats for your new car :P!!

    one kiss1


  5. It is perfect match for you! Boys may not like it 'coz of its trim but it perfectly fits a girl's personality. Congrats on your new car sweetie! =)