Tuesday, April 19, 2011

my lower lashes arrived! *_*

yeah my lower lashes came today! but I'll wait until my bambi lenses will arrive until I try em out :3

(Lower Bottom False Eyelashes ★Subtle Natural★)

(Lower Bottom Fake False Eyelashes ★Glamorous★)
EDIT: for anyone who's interested - I've purchased these lashes from this ebayseller: Jeremys Lash Boutique 
They have many beautiful lashes! I received my lashes after a week :) (shipped from UK).

and this is how it looks like when you wear it x)(Lower Bottom Fake False Eyelashes ★Glamorous★)
see the difference? Your eyes will look bigger and more dolly like! :D


  1. These are awesome - where did you buy them from? I had no idea they make lower false-lashes :P

    xx T

  2. aww~ Woher hast du die unteren Lashes *_* Will Tragebilder!! <3 *followed*

  3. wuahh! Very hot! Diese unteren Wimpern muss ich definitiv mal ausprobieren!!!! <3~